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Why somebody choose Hardware and Networking Course?

Computer hardware and networking certification and systems administration accreditation is vital while hunting down occupations in the IT business or when working for any real organization with a modern IT foundation. Looking at the present situation in occupations in hardware and networking field is in the billions of dollars.

Career Opportunities Hardware and Networking Certification

There are a lot of openings for work for the individuals who have taken Hardware and Networking certification courses. Openings go from beginning your own business or going along with one of skyward's current accomplice organisations for a 100% employment situation ensure. There is an absence of Hardware and networking experts, while opportunities for certified students are very high. Presently, all real enterprises deal with their business on the cloud. It has turned out to be extremely basic for organizations in all ventures to keep up high levels of IT security and furthermore stay aware of the quick changing computer hardware industry.

Certification in Computer Hardware and networking

At Skyward, our short course in PC hardware is shown utilizing present day appraisal framework. Our equipment course will make you a specialist at computer repair. Subjects secured incorporate chip, memory, motherboard, screens, assembling a computer, working with printers and scanners, hardware troubleshooting abilities, server equipment, to give some examples.

Finding out about the working of the machines, discovering how they work, figuring out how to settle or supplant these parts and significantly more is the way you will win your hardware certification. This hardware networking certificate is not simply to show you the rudiments, but rather this learning sets you up to have the capacity to stay aware of new machines that are discharged in the market day by day.

A hardware certification will make you a specialist in PCs and their repair. Student of this certification could without much of a stretch open up their own business of PC repair and with the certification, you will have an ability that all organizations search for while enlisting computer hardware experts.

Networking is the way toward interconnecting different PCs with the end goal of sharing assets. The Internet itself is an enormous system. On the off chance that there is more than a solitary PC in an office or a home that is likewise viewed as a system.

Getting your networking certification is critical for finding a vocation. Through systems networking course you will figure out how to setup a system, the contrast between an individual system and a neighbourhood from a metropolitan or wide zone arrange. Today, all organizations and associations keep running on PC systems. It is the occupation of a person with hardware and networking certification to recognize the best system and furthermore guarantee that it runs safely and easily inside the organization.

New and fast machines are continually being made by organizations, getting a hardware certification encourages you to offering certainty to managers in your capacities. In 2017, getting hardware and networking certification furnishes you with the aptitudes important to begin your own particular PC business or to land a position on the planet's greatest organizations.

Skyward Certified Hardware Engineer (SCHE)

Module 1

Laptop Hardware Tools
Screw Driver Kit
Laptop Casing Opener
Nose Pliers
Electric Screw Driver
Anti Static Wrist Band
Anti Static Heel Strap
Anti Static Apron Jacket
PCB Cleaning Brush &etc
SATA to USB convertor
IDE to USB convertor
LCD Cleaner &etc
Glue Gun

Module 2:

Laptop Parts View & Keyword & Touch Pad
Laptop -Bottom Case &Top Case
Laptop Casing Opener
Understanding of Service manual
  1. Ram
  2. Hard Disk
  3. Battery
  4. Wi-Fi Cards
  5. Modem Cards
  6. Floppy Disk
  7. Speaker
  8. Fan
  9. Processor
  10. Heat Sink
  11. Adapter & Adapter Connector
  12. Display screen
  13. CMOS Battery
  14. Hinge
  15. Connector Cable
  16. Inverter LCD
  17. Webcam
Assembling & Disassembling
Types of Screw
Removing screen
Cleaning Fan
Skyward Certified Networking Engineer

Module 1

Basic network concepts
Networking Devices
Network Architecture
Applications & uses of computer networks
Internet & web concepts
IP Addressing
Sub netting
OSI model

Module 2

TCP/IP Model
Configuring IP Addressing
Configure computers in peer to peer and server client architecture
Sharing files & printer
Map network drive
Offline file sharing
Wireless networking
Perform LAN troubleshooting
Wireless LANs