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Advanced Chip Level

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Unit 1

Introduction of Schematic Diagram

Unit 2:

Tracing of Voltage Generation Section with Schematic Diagram
VIN (Adaptor) Section
Battery Charging Discharging Section
Core (Processor) Section
Ram Section
Standby Section
Voltage Conversion Section
Chipset Section
  • ICH
  • MCH
  • PCH

Unit 3:

Tracing of Controller & Connector Section with Schematic Diagram
Display Section
VGA Section
RTC Section
I/O Section
Clock Generator Section
HDD Section
ODD Section
ROM Section
Fan Controller Section
Audio Section
LAN Section
Wireless Section
USB Section
Keyboard Section
Touchpad Section
Card Reader Section

Unit 4:

Datasheets of ICs
PCB layers of motherboard
Types of PCB Boards

Unit 5:

Using of Oscilloscope
Tracing of All Important Signals of the motherboard
Fault finding of all Section With Signals

Unit 6:

Troubleshooting Guide of all popular model
Flow Chart of all troubleshooting Steps